Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Thai Massage
A helping hand with your mind and body
Thai Massage Specialist Swindon

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is an enjoyable, safe and effective treatment that combines a talking therapy with relaxation. It can help a multitude of conditions so please contact me to discuss or book your FREE initial consultation.

Typically it can help It can help you with Depression, Anxiety, Weight Management, Sleep Issues, IBS, Pain, Self-belief, Phobias, Confidence, Reaching Goals, Stress, OCD, Panic Attacks, Public Speaking, Anger, Sports Performance and much more.

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Thai massage is a unique treatment that is carried out fully clothed on a futon on the floor and can be adapted to help many issues but also can be deeply relaxing.

It can help with back, shoulder and neck problems as modern life can play havoc with these areas and also hip problems, knee pain and stiffness, hand and wrist problems, shoulder pain and restricted movement of all joints.

The range of ailments treated is seemingly endless and it may even benefit conditions such as menstrual pains and constipation.


I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you have done to help me. The sessions I have had with yourself has really helped. When I was asked where I was on a scale of 1-10 I was at a minus 10 very unhappy and at the lowest of the low and couldn’t see any way up but after a couple more sessions that number started to go up and I am at 5-6/7 thanks to your encouragement and your positive attitude. I am feeling so much better in myself that I have recently joined a ladies fitness programme which I am enjoying. Once again THANKYOU for everything.
Best massage I’ve ever had, even beats Thai Massage in Thailand! I’m always guaranteed to leave feeling amazing, like a new person, rejuvenated and totally balanced which lasts for ages following the treatment. Jan has not only worked on specific injuries and muscular problems that I have had but also treats me holistically