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Learn Thai Massage

Beginner's Practitioner Course

Thai massage is an ancient healing bodywork that is based on techniques that have been developed during the last 2,500 years and looks at the body in the physical state as well as using the concept of invisible energy (sen) lines. It is a unique technique that is conducted on a futon on the floor, fully clothed and with no oils. Feet, knees, elbows, forearms, hands and fingers are used along with gentle yoga style stretches to relax, stretch, massage and loosen the body leading to a balance of energy, increased wellbeing and deep relaxation.

The course is suitable for:

  • Beginners thinking of starting a career in Thai massage. With an additional anatomy and physiology qualification you can obtain insurance and begin to run a practice.
  • People who want to learn massage to practice on friends and family.
  • Existing massage and holistic therapists who wish to expand their repertoire and look at the longevity of their practice. Due to the nature of Thai massage the skills acquired can allow you to protect your body and work utilising various parts of your body as well as using your bodyweight to exert pressure and not just rely on "strength". Although working on the floor may seem strange at first once you have experienced it you realise how "kind" it is to your body and many of the techniques can also be transposed to a conventional massage couch.
  • Yoga teachers, osteopaths, physiotherapists, sports therapists etc. who want to expand their hands-on skills

The Teacher

Jan Wojtowicz began his interest in massage and healing in 1995 after attending a series of evening courses in Aromatherapy. His interest developed and expanded and he began formal training in 2003 when he set up a part time practice offering Indian Head massage, Reiki, Hand and foot massage. In 2004 he trained in Thai massage and since then has trained with some of the most highly renowned teachers in the Western world as well as in Thailand. In 2005 he became a full time Thai masseur and has treated in the region of 10,000 hours during that time. As well as this practical experience Jan has also gained a teacher training qualification (PTLLS) and taught Thai massage at his wellbeing centre (Wood Street Wellbeing) and in the community.

Course structure.

  • 6 weekends (one a month for 6 consecutive months) making a total of 12 days including 1 written and practical assessment day (72 hours tuition in total).
  • An additional practice and catch up weekend (non compulsory) will be available.
  • Each teaching day begins with classroom work followed by demonstrations and practice.
  • A course manual (120 pages) is supplied at no extra cost.
  • A DVD of massage sequence is supplied at no extra cost.
  • Once the course is completed you can apply to add it to your existing insurance or apply for new insurance. The course has been officially approved for insurance by Holistic Insurance Services and Balens but would be accepted by other insurers.


  • This course will give you the skills to complete a full Thai massage, which is 2 or more hours long.
  • A final practical assessment where a full 2.5 hour Thai massage is to be conducted.
  • Continuous observation, assessment, feedback and correction throughout the course.
  • Approximately 50 hours of treatment case studies to be completed, recorded, written up and presented 2 weeks before the final assessment day.
  • A short written assessment will be conducted on the final assessment day.


Lesson 1
Health, safety, contraindications professional conduct and boundaries. General introduction to Thai massage history, theory, equipment and aftercare.
Working the feet and ankles.

Lesson 2
Developing touch and feel.
Woking the legs (individually) and leg energy lines.

Lesson 3
Caring for yourself and the client,
Single leg stretches.

Lesson 4
Sen (energy) lines.
Double leg stretches.

Lesson 5
Sen (energy) lines.
Stomach, chest and arms.

Lesson 6
The concepts of Metta (loving kindness)and Vipassana meditation.
Working in the side positions.

Lesson 7
Review, catch up and practice.

Lesson 8
Thai medicine and traditions, different styles and variations.
Working the back of body.

Lesson 9
Pressure points and their uses to treat common ailments.
Seated position.

Lesson 10
Developing your business practice including advertising, insurance and ongoing study.
Shoulders, neck, head and face.

Lesson 11
Question and answer sessions.
Review, catch up and practice.

Lesson 12
Written and practical assessment.

The course venue is Wood Street Wellbeing, 10, Wood Street, Old Town, Swindon, SN1 4AB.

For further information please contact me.