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On-Site Treatments

Boost productivity, reduce absence and enhance your employees' wellbeing with affordable workplace massages.

Absence through sickness and stress, poor morale, and low productivity can result in high costs through lost time and money. I would like to introduce you to a natural solution: a workplace massage service for your employees that will leave them feeling healthy, content, motivated and eager to work.

Treat your people and reward your business.

Your flexible, tailored service can include Thai massages, Thai foot massages and seated massage chair treatments. I can deliver your treatments – available in 15, 20 or 30-minute sessions – at desks, but preferably away from workstations. I typically work on a futon on the floor, as this provides the best access to areas requiring treatment, such as the neck, back, hands, feet and stomach however a more conventional forward facing portable massage chair is also available.

My relaxing and therapeutic treatments can ease stress; treat conditions, such as stiff necks and bad backs; reduce eyestrain; and aid concentration. Here's just a selection of recent comments from employees receiving the service:

I'm more relaxed and can look at things in a different light. It's not just about relaxing the body and getting the knots out. It's about clearing your head for fifteen minutes.
I have had daily headaches for most of this year. Since my massage, I've had nine headache-free days.
In today's 24/7 world, I'm increasingly 'switched on' all week. The session helped me relax, switch off and refocus.

A service that more than pays for itself.

Working direct for businesses means I can keep my rates very competitive. For larger assignments, I can also provide a team of high-quality therapists to work alongside me.

Investing in the service does more than show you're committed to your employees' wellbeing. It also makes sound financial sense. For example, studies have revealed that, for every pound invested in employee-wellness initiatives, businesses see a return of £2.30 to £10.10 through improved productivity and reduced absence.

I first met Jan whilst I was Managing Director of FutureYou at Zurich Insurance Company Ltd, where my team were often working long hours in a fast paced environment. Offering our team members the option of free on-site massage was extremely positive - not just on an individual basis, but also for employee satisfaction and wider team morale. Personally, I also believe this service helped to contribute to improved focus and productivity. Having both worked with Jan and seen his demonstrations at wellbeing events, I would highly recommend!

- Emma Huntington, formerly Managing Director of Zurich FutureYou

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